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I help Busy Professional South Asian Dads Lose Weight Permanently In a Safe Healthy Manner with my 12 Week Fit Dad Life Mastery Online Weight Loss Program And Metabolic Meltdown Max Workouts. Click the button below to get started with a FREE 5 Day Challenge

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Testimonials: What They Said About Us!

I've been training for a while and  thought I knew what I was doing but I just couldn't seem to get the results I was after. Adam showed me what I was doing wrong


Understanding your body is the key to superior results. I didn't have time to do all the reading so I hired Adam who just gave me the blueprint.


Adam showed me a few things that were extremely easy but shockingly effective. I felt the results in the first week.

Moulana Nur Udeen


Whether  you want to lose fat or build muscle even do both at the same time.  I can help you.  Draw on my 15 plus years experience of losing weight and building muscle.  I've tried everything in that time, you name it I've tried it. Magic pills that are meant to shed the fat, belts that cause you to lose fat effortlessly.  Miracle foods that drop pounds of fat and add pounds of muscle.   In that time I've learnt what actually works and what doesn't.   I can cut through all the crap that's out there and teach you exactly what works saving you time and money.