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South Asian men are 6 times more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease and strokes as early as in their mid 30's resulting in premature death, don't become another statistic (Source: NHS)

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Ammar a Science Teacher, thought running was the solution to getting toned here's what he discovered.

Faisal an high achieving entrepreneur and Chartered accountant, tried expensive personal trainers and boutique gyms withot any success until he discovered Fit Dad Life Mastery

Daniyaal an Engineer struggled with with being skinny fat despite being an active martial artist, he managed to get lean and toned at home with just bands whilst still enjoying his large portions of desi foods.

How Fit Dad Life Mastery Minimalist Method Online Weight Loss Coaching Works

I understand the difficulties faced by professional desi's trying to lose weight. That's why our unique comprehensive approach which has been refined over many years to make it a perfect for Desi Professionals, works so well.  It's completely different.  We can guarantee you've never experienced anything like it before. Scroll down to see what others are saying.   If you had you would NEVER struggle with your weight ever again. Real one on one professional coaching with a real person delivered via your own state of the art dedicated coaching app.  

What's Covered:

Mindset Rewiring

You're stuck because of the stories you're telling yourself. Your limiting beliefs. Not a lack of information, diet plans or workouts.  We help you to rewire your brain for permanent change by removing you limiting beliefs and installing a growth mindset.

Behaviour Change

Permanent weight loss will require some lifestyle changes. You can't expect a different result by doing the same things over and over again. As scary as this may sound, it really isn't with our unique behaviour change process using the S3 Method. Every change will be simple, sensible and sustainable.  

Personalised Nutrition Coaching

It's not a diet plan because diet plans are temporary and don't work.  We use our unique Easy Lean System, Food Taqwa and Ta'aamun Tayyib approach to slightly modify your existing diet so it's balanced, healthy, tasty and sustainable. 

Personalised Workouts

Personalised programming ensures we work with you where you're at right to provide you a workout that is suitable for you, based on you training history, injuries, preferences and goals. One of the biggest mistake people make is copying insta-influencers or celebrity workouts they see online.

Professional Support and Accountability

People fail because they don't have a strong support network. With Fit Dad Life Mastery you will be getting elite level coaching as well as daily support and accountability, from our coaches as well as the successful clients you see above and peers

Progress Tracking

We manage expectations, set appropriate goals and track your progress accurately so you stay motivated and continue to see progress in many different areas and in your general quality of life.

Our Mission

I envision a day where Desi Dad's aren't being diagnosed with diabetes at thirty and dying of a heart attack at forty despite our genetics

My mission is to disrupt the status quo by helping Busy Professional South Asians males lose weight, take control of their health and feel confident. Just because you're a desi doesn't mean you have to have diabetes and a biriyani belly at thirty, look like a beat up pot bellied uncle ji and die of a heart attack in your forties.  With Fit Dad Life Mastery, anyone can permanently lose weight without cardio, without a gym, in 20 minutes day or less whilst still enjoying their favourite desi foods. With Fit Dad Life Mastery not only is weight loss simple, we make it easy too. We've proven it over and over again check out our succes stories.  These are just a tiny fraction of all our results. Find out why I'm so passionate about health after my life threatening struggle with health that robbed me of the best years of my life.  

About Me.

As an accomplished fitness professional and weight loss coach for desi professional dads, I have appeared on the BBC, British Muslim Tv and other places.

Suffering for most of my teens with a rare case of tuberculosis, which completely deteriorated my health and left me on the verge of death,  I vowed never to take my health for granted again. But following mainstream information I struggled for decades with my weight until I went on an expensive serious academic learning journey and cracked the code to permanent easy weight loss especially for desi who love their curry and kebabs.

Since then it has been my passion to help people wake up to the reality that, in terms of health, they are off course. That the human and financial cost of our current way of life is far too great.

My years of research led me to develop the Fit Dad Life Mastery, a step-by-step system to quickly transition people to this revolutionary way of looking at health and fitness.

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