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About Me.

Helping busy professional dads lose weight, take control of their health, feel confident and become their best self so they can live their best life, through mindset reprogramming, behaviour change training and nutrition education because a run of the mill meal plan and workout plan that are a 'penny a dozen' isn't enough.

Working exclusively with people who want the best, I am a qualified personal trainer and QUALIFIED online weight loss coach with over a decades worth of experience. If you're looking for a generic cheap PT, I'm probably not your guy.

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Faisal Khan


"Used personal trainers before but none had the impact or completed the accurate weight loss that I've seen and now achieved with Adam"

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Business Analyst

" A wealth of experience and knowledge. In my 10 weeks of training with Adam, I've made great progress,  I've put on 4kgs of muscle without expanding my waist"

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