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Here is a special message for every busy dad who needs to make changes in their life, but can’t seem to find the time...

Hi my name is Adam from Kaanfitness, if you want to enjoy more energy and lose weight, then pay very close attention!

Many busy dads suffer from the idea that losing weight and getting fit is really hard and takes a long time.

But nothing could be further from the truth. 

And if you’re a dad who wants the energy to have a bigger impact on your children’s lives…  then THIS is exactly what you’re looking for.

Right now you might be asking but... 

Why are you so passionate about my health geezer?

See, I spent the most exciting time of young adult life from the ages of 15 to 20 in and out of hospital due to an extremely rare case of tuberculosis which developed in the bone of the skull. I can vividly recall spending the summer of 97 bedbound unable to even lift a spoon to my mouth to feed myself or even dress myself.  All I had was an old crackling radio to entertain me, no smartphone, no social media. Any movement would make me scream in agony as the dislodged vertebrae in my neck were poking my spinal cord. The pain was unbearable beyond anything I’d ever experienced in my life.

Imagine that, it's painful even recalling it now. 

Whereas, every summer England seems to be blessed with torrential rain that summer felt like the longest, dryest, sun filled summer we’ve ever had.

It took the medical professionals 5 years to diagnose it as tuberculosis due it’s occurrence at the base of my skull which is so rare that they had university students coming in to observe the phenomena, by which time I had lost my hearing in my right ear and two of the vertebrae in my neck had completely disintegrated and the others had fallen on top of each other out of alignment and fused.  Which is why you’ll notice on videos I’m not able to turn my head.

You see, when you spend your most valuable teen years stuck in a bed or back and forth from the hospital, it's not tough to recognise what your most precious gift is, your health.

Most of my life I was a very underweight, a typical skinny teen. But following my recovery from TB in the year 2000 for the first time in my life I started gaining weight.  Doctors told me it was a good sign of recovery and I was happy, two years later I had ballooned to a 38 inch waist having been a 28 all my life this was drastic. I was always a good runner, but this one time I was running late for work, so I tried jogging to make up time and OMG did I feel heavy, it felt like someone had added an extra 5kg weight to both my legs and another 20kg on my back overnight.  That’s when I realised I had to do something, it also reminded me of being ill with TB and how I had started taking my health for granted. Following this incident and persistent pushing, from a friend, even though I kept making excuses about being busy, I went to the gym again in December 2002.

One of the lamest excuses was...

“I’m too busy exercising my mind unlike him, he must have body dysmorphia.  I was happy and comfortable in my body"

On reflection I realised it was a complete lie.

But it wasn’t an easy ride, I followed the confusing and conflicting mainstream advice and went around in circles for many years before I got to my current state.

I’d starve myself, eat boring foods like chicken and broccoli, run on the treadmill for hours and lose some weight only to gain it back a few months later.  

After many years of trying really hard but still failing I finally learnt what works only about 9 years ago. Since then I’ve managed to have visible abs all year round without counting calories and enjoying what I eat.  Informally I started helping people do the same and so about 3 years ago I decided to get qualified and having been working on transitioning from a School Teacher to full time weight loss coach where, unlike at school, I can help people transform their lives more dramatically and be appreciated  for it.

Based on the knowledge and experience I’ve acquired over the years I created The 14 Day Dad Bod To Fit Bod Challenge made especially for busy dads, which helps you with how to change your life, energy and mindset faster than you ever dreamed possible!  


Atif's Story

Atif is a client of mine who came to me lacking confidence, he was overweight and had poor sleep. Typical of most men of his age. At the end of our time together, I asked him to write about his experiences with me and this is what he wrote: 

so simple you’ll be skeptical at first

Adam gave me tips on how to get more activity on a daily basis and advice on diet and training. He was very understanding and understood my needs giving me easily manageable bite size tips to help me progress a bit at a time.

As a result my sleep quality and energy levels improved.  Most importantly I felt more happy and good about myself as my confidence outside the gym grew. Didn’t realise that performing better in the gym would make me more confident outside the gym too ;)

I also dropped my last 2kg of weight! Well I wouldn’t mind losing another kg, but I'm not in a rush for that!

The reason I would recommend Adam is because he doesn’t force you to do anything that you don’t like doing and works with you every step of the way.The process that Adam uses is so simple that you’ll be skeptical at first like I was. But they work amazingly well.  With just tiny little changes and nothing else, I was able to drop 6lbs in 1 month


The 14 Day Dad Bod To Fit Bod Challenge makes it simple for you to:

  • Get in amazing shape so you can have limitless energy to play with your kids and be the most significant person in your child’s life. .
  • STOP spending time figuring out menus and what you’ll cook, and let me give you an amazing diet plan on a silver platter. 
  • Enjoy support from like-minded dads who want more out of life just like you in the private Facebook group .
  • Get all the knowledge you need to transform your body and mind into the SUPER DAD you deserve to be 
  • Stay motivated and on track with easy manageable tasks set by your coach and our unique visual feedback and monitoring system.  Which makes it fun and easy to see how you are doing  
14 Day Fat Loss

And much much more!

And what makes this even better is because online coaching is flexible (see FAQ’s to understand what that means) to fit around your lifestyle, now you don’t have to worry about the belief that you don’t have the time to make a change again!

Which also means you’re not stuck feeling like it’s an impossible task.

In addition you have the support of your coach 24/7 something which is essential to your success, but you will never get with an in person PT.

With all of this you will be bowled over not by the complexity but rather the simplicity.

And best of all… you’ll start seeing results with The 14 Day Dad Bod To Fit Bod Challenge in less than a week and it costs only £47 down from £97 for the first 10 clients each month.

Be the father and the husband your family deserves. 

Become the strong father your kids look up to be their REAL LIFE Superhero whilst adding quality years to your life that you can spend with them.

Sign Up Risk FREE Today. You've got absolutely nothing to lose except fat. I'll be there with you every step of the way.

Start Losing Weight Today

So again, if you’re a dad who wants the energy to have a bigger impact on your children’s lives, understand this:

If you don’t change now, where will you be in 3 months, in 6 months? When will you change? With each passing day the obstacles become greater and journey longer.  

Delaying it is just another day, month, or year  you’re limiting yourself from living out your true potential and living your best life by becoming the best version of yourself.  Is that what you want?

If you don’t change, the example you’re setting right now is the example your kids will follow for the rest of their lives.  Are you okay with that?

Making the changes you need to make right now will totally revolutionize the rest of your life and your children’s future!

Imagine if you start today in a few months you can be the happier, more confident new version of yourself free of the mental agony of ill health.  How would that impact your life outside of the gym?

The 14 Day Dad Bod To Fit Bod Challenge from Kaanfitness holds the key to your success with more energy and time.

Let's put an end to average, let’s put and end to mediocrity. Take the steps to enable you to live your best quality life and live up to your true potential

TRY IT RISK FREE: If your follow the system and don’t see results after the 14 days then receive a full 100% refund. Get it for Only £47 whilst spaces last. 


P.S. The 14 Day Dad Bod To Fit Bod Challenge developed for busy professional dads just like you will show you that it is indeed possible to lose weight using the minimalist method.  With that you’ll overcome the biggest hurdle holding you back right now ‘belief in yourself’.  

In order to deliver a quality service I work with only 20 clients at a time.  Once spaces are gone they are not available until a client completes a program and leaves. Many who see great results in 14 days choose to stay on longer therefore spaces are always limited.


What is the challenge and how does it work?

How will it be delivered?

What will I have to do?

How intense is it?

How much time do I need? 

Is this just another app? 

How is your coaching different?