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36 Male, Teacher, trainer, father of two with a passion for health and fitness amongst other things

Your Definitive Ramadan Weight Loss Guide.

By Adam Kaan | Diet

The Definitive Guide to Losing Weight In Ramadan – Fast by Kaanfitness Quick Navigation Benefits to RamadanGoalsDon’t Beat Yourself Up If You Can’t Make it to the gymDiet How To Eat In RamadanFaster Fat Loss Hack 1Faster Fat Loss Hack 2Sample Pre Workout Meal/ShakeConsider Intra workout Nutrition Final Word On EatingExercise When to Train?Training fasted an […]

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Which Supplements Should You Take and Why?

By Adam Kaan | Diet

These are the only supplements you will ever need, stop wasting your time and money on bogus stuff. But before we even start, first off I will say this, if you’re one of those people who is always looking for the magic pill, I’ll tell you now you don’t need a supplement you need a mindset […]

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