Register for the Next Challenge & Drop 1 - 5lbs in 5 days without cutting out rice and curry or doing any exercise!  

  • Know exactly what to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner. Recipes provided
  • Feel more energised, improve your mood whilst still being able to eat curries, kebabs and all your other favourite cultural foods
  • Break your limiting beliefs and discover you don't need exercise to lose weight
  • Learn to take care of the Amana Allah has gifted you with

Learn simple, practical strategies to balance your energy, family, worship and fitness while maintaining a demanding job, business and social life.

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About Me

As a successful fitness expert and weight loss coach, I specialize in helping high-achieving South Asian dads reach their full potential. I've even been featured on BBC and other media outlets such as British Muslim, TV and Islam Channel.

Suffering for most of my teens with a rare case of tuberculosis, which completely deteriorated my health and left me on the verge of death,  I vowed never to take my health for granted again. After relying on mainstream information for years and struggling with my weight, I embarked on a costly academic journey and finally discovered a foolproof method for effortless, permanent weight loss - specifically tailored for curry and kebab-loving desis.

Since then, it has been my passion to help people wake up to the reality that, in terms of health, they are off course. That the human and financial cost of our current way of life is far too great.

After years of research, I created The Minimalist Method - a step-by-step program that helps people lose weight even without exercise or strict dieting. It's a revolutionary approach to looking at health and fitness.

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What you get with BTBB Challenge:

  • Get Enhanced results and satisfaction by having a clear strategy and plan to reach your desired outcome with the BTBB 5 Day Road Map    £10 Value
  • Supercharge your 5 day weight loss challenge with our Ultimate Cheat Sheet!   £20 Value
  • Say goodbye to confusion and hello to healthy eating habits with our expert guidance with our BTBB Nutrition Guide  £150
  • Take the guesswork out of knowing what to eat with our Easy Cook Recipe Guide  £30 Value
  • Fat Torching Home workouts for those who want to exercise, even though we will show you how you can lose weight without exercise £75 Value
  • Dedicated Kaanfitness app to track progress and stay accountable, giving you a sneak peek into how we coach our high end clients £150 Value
  • Daily Live Mindset coaching in our private group  £1,000 Value
  • Daily Mindset Builders £60 Value
  • Plus £250 worth of coaching
  • Prizes worth £300 for challenge winners
  • Mindset Shift - Belief in yourself - PRICELESS

Total Value £2797 + Plus Other Bonuses Worth £££'s

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