I’ll Show You How To Create Quick & Easy Fat Burning Recipes That Will Taste Just Like Your Favorite Meals

The Minimalist Method Recipe Guide - Foods That Taste So Good You Won't Believe They're Healthy

You Are Not Failing Your Diet,
Your Diet Is Failing YOU -

Keep Reading To Find Out Why 99% Of Mainstream Cookbooks
Set You Up For Failure

Who has time to cook gourmet meals that call for 2-3 hours of prep time in the kitchen?

Who has time to research advanced culinary degree level cooking techniques?

Who wants to waste time on an unsustainable diet that is impossible to follow for more than a week or two?

Who wants to follow recipes from authors who don't know the first thing about fat loss for especially for ethnic men?

The answer? NOBODY!

This is the MAIN reason diets and nutrition plans are failing you.

This is the reason why you end up putting the weight back on and it's the reason you continue to "Yo-Yo" diet while feeling frustrated and helpless.  And it's for these reasons that I had to find a solution for myself and for you.

Your diet isn't working because you're told you have to cut out rice, curry, kebabs and other cultural foods. How long can you keep that up for?

What if I told you, you can eat generous portions of all your favourite Indian, Arab and other cultural foods guilt free all year round and still have abs. Would that make it easier to stay on track?

Everything You Think You Know About Healthy Cooking Is About To Change For The Better

Don't be afraid to WANT MORE from your nutrition plans because it IS possible.

We are in the 21st century and possibilities are endless.

We have the power to feel great in our skin and should be able to enjoy great cultural foods without feeling guilty, sad or frustrated wouldn't you agree?

Taste. Fat burning ingredients. Freedom. Faster fat Loss. Simple Man Friendly Recipes. Family Friendly. Desserts.

It's all within your reach today!

But before we go too far, let me start from the beginning:

We Have Developed The
Simplest And Fastest Way To Preparing
And Eating Delicious Fat Burning Meals
Every Day For The Rest Of Your Life

Many people me what I eat, after starting to sound like a broken record I decided it was time I created a guide. This is literally my staple diet. Exactly what I eat to get lean and stay lean and have done so for ten years after losing nearly three stones.

You’ve probably heard abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym, whilst not entirely correct. It does have a lot of truth to it. You can never outrun, outwork or out train a bad diet.

From my experience as an online weight loss coach who has helped over six hundred people almost every time I’ve seen someone struggling to see the fruits of their labour in the gym it’s been because of poor nutrition.

I’ve had many clients reluctant to even try to eat healthy simply because they assumed eating healthy meant eating boring bland foods. As a fussy eater of Bangladeshi origin, with a love of strong flavours and spice, if I had to choose between eating foods I enjoyed and being fat, I’d choose to be fat in a heartbeat. The truth is eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland and boring. You don't have to eat only chicken and broccoli or even 'eat clean'

We Noticed 2 Big Problems That
Every So Called "Fat Loss"

When we looked deeper into a lot of fat loss cookbooks we realized they were setting you up for failure.

You probably already know that if you have been trying recipes or diets from these cookbooks.

They don't work. 

We actually identified 2 BIG problems why most fat loss cookbooks are impossible to stick to long term:

1. They're not fat loss friendly

Most healthy cookbooks make the mistake of confusing healthy for fat loss friendly.   A lot of recipes in these books are healthy but they won't help you lose weight. I've tried many of these and remained stuck

2. They're not suitable for ethnic palates

In other words they're not tasty, they're bland and boring

Some of the books I've tried they all had one or both problems

Get instant access to fat burning recipes now!

Get all the tasty recipes you need to start burning fat right away

See What Our Coaching Clients Who Were Given The Same Recipes Had to Say:

The fajitas were so easy to do and the taste is great

Kauthar Miah

Wow! These were the best kebabs I ever tasted.  Can't believe they're healthy

Ibrar hussain

What you'll find in the recipe guide

  1. 1
    12 Mouth Watering Recipes (much more if you decide to buy the other recipe guides). Quick and Easy recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner.  Many of the recipes are, man friendly, hands off cooking. They will boost your metabolism for a fat burning diet.  
  2. 2
    Balanced nutritious meals. It's important to focus on health and not just losing fat.  By eating a variety of meals made with nutritious ingredients, you ensure your health is taken care of
  3. 3
    Our 10 Cooking And Nutrition Rules. Learn our non-negotiable and essential principles to be successful with your fat loss goals.

And here's what those fat burning foods look like

Please note: Some of the recipes pictured below are in are in recipes guides 2 and 3

Adam Kaan

ADAM KAAN //  Author

As a successful fitness expert and weight loss coach featured on BBC, British Muslim, TV and Islam Channel, I specialize in helping high-achieving Muslim men take control of their health and reach their full potential.

Suffering for most of my teens with a rare case of tuberculosis, which completely deteriorated my health and left me on the verge of death, I vowed never to take my health for granted again. After relying on mainstream information for years and struggling with my weight, I embarked on a costly academic journey and finally discovered a foolproof method for effortless, permanent weight loss.

Since then, it has been my passion to help Muslim men wake up to the reality that, in terms of health, they are off course. That the human and financial cost of our current way of life is far too great.

After many years of research, I created The Minimalist Method online weight loss coaching program - a step-by-step program that helps Muslim men lose weight even without exercise or strict dieting. It's a revolutionary new approach to looking at health and fitness.  To date I've helped over 300 Muslim men lose weight and keep it off.

Adam  Kaan

The Best Time to Start Losing Weight is Now!

So if you're ready to start losing fat whilst enjoying your foods and not feel like you're on a diet all the time, then don't waste another second fill in the form below and get your copy of the Minimalist Method Recipe Guide for less than the cost of a meal out.

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You are fully protected by our 100% Results Guarantee. If you don't see any weight loss after a month of eating like we show you in the recipe guide, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Adam Kaan

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a weight loss recipe guide help me lose weight?

The recipes provided are healthier lower calorie alternatives to most popular foods.   Therefore it will be easier to be in a calorie deficit by eating these recipes.  Being in a calorie deficit i.e. you are expending more energy than you take in, is the ONLY way to lose fat. We still recommend you control portion sizes and begin to increase activity levels.   It's possible to overeat on healthy foods too.  If none of this is making sense to you, we recommend applying to join our coaching program which will take you by the hand step by step to weight loss success.   All of these recipes and much more are included as part of the coaching package.

Are the recipes in the guide easy to follow?

Yes, most of the recipes are what I call 'man friendly'  some are almost hands off cooking,  others take a bit more effort but learning to cook is an amazing lifeskill you will have wished you learnt earlier, especially if you want a healthy disease free life.

Can I customize the recipes to suit my dietary restrictions or preferences?

Yes, you can as long as you understand calories and macros.  If you make too many changes and dramatically alter the amount of calories in the recipe it will affect your weight loss.

Are the ingredients for the recipes easily accessible?

I understand how frustrating it is to buy a recipe book that's full of rare or specialist ingredients only found in online stores in one particular country.  I've experienced that many times.   This isn't like that.  In most cases the ingredients are easily accessible, if you live in an area where there are ethnic shops. But having worked with clients from all over the world,  I still have to say it depends where you live because in some countries like Turkey even simple Skyr yogurt can be hard to find on the other hand I had a client in the tiny Island of Mauritius and he didn't have any difficulty.  If you ask in our free support group we can help you find alternatives.     Personally I find non ethnic ingredients much harder to find.  

Will the recipes in the guide provide balanced nutrition?

Yes, we recommend a daily intake of protein, fats, carbs, fruit and vegetables. A regular intake of those is all you need for balanced nutrition unless you're an athlete or training in the gym consistently hard six to ten hours a week in which case you just need to ensure you're getting some protein at every meal.  Which the recipes guides recommend by default anyway.

Does the weight loss recipe guide provide nutritional information for each recipe?

No, unless you're a nutritionist or need a very specific diet for medical purposes you don't need the nutritional information by the gram.  It's just another way the industry has overcomplicated a simple proccess of losing weight and being healthy.   A variety of healthy wholesome foods the majority of the time in controlled portions is all you need.  

Is there any additional support or guidance provided along with the recipes?

No, for pesonalized support we recommend you apply for coaching.  However if you ask any questions in our free facebook group we'll endeavour to answer them in a timely manner.

Can I use the weight loss recipe guide if I have food allergies or intolerances?

We do not include allergen information.  Use the recipes at your own risk.

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