October 23

Literally The Easiest Way To Gain Muscle and Lose Fat?


Sleep is possibly/one of the biggest contributors to good health. Good quality sleep aids in fat loss, gaining muscle, better productivity, focus, hormone regulation and mood, better decision making, stronger will power to resist bad food choices. Lack of sleep affects all of those plus your desire for sugary food increases whilst at the same type your resistance threshold is lowered. A recipe for disaster (no pun intended).

The case for good quality sleep actually runs even deeper, in fact Ewen McGregor dedicates a whole chapter in his Best Seller - Essentialism

Sleep helps you to lose fat by reducing cortisol.  Lack of sleep diminishes your will power. Have you noticed when you've not had enough sleep you're craving sugar and stimulants all day.

Additionally, your trainining suffers, poor training mean a weaker traininng stimulus.  Weaker training stimulus, fewer calories burnt, less fat loss.

Poor sleep can make you more insulin resistant almost as much as a diabetic.  Insulin resistance leads to rapid weight gain since your body is not able to manage the sugar,  it simply stores most of it as fat.

Good sleep increase Growth Hormone, which leads to more fat loss and better body composition (lean muscle).

Tips For Better Sleep From An Insomniac

Install flux on your computer - It will filter out the blue light that inhibits melatonin production required for winding down and getting in the mood for sleep.

You can now get blue light filter glasses.

App on your phone - Use the dimming feature on your phone, if your phone does not have one built in get an app there are plenty available in both app stores. I can’t recall the one I used to use.

Refined Carbs - this is one of the few times you can consume refined carbs strategically, late at night just before bed, bet you didn’t know that!! It will boost your serotonin levels and give you that drowsy feeling, that you often feel after an unhealthy lunch.

EFA - Walnuts/Almonds, or supplement if you’re allergic to nuts

Transdermal Magnesium - Helps your muscles relax and contributes to better sleep

Practise Yoga and Deep Breathing - Aids in relaxation and winding down

Get in bed early and read a book, avoid stimulating business books, ideally read autobiographies of high achiever in your field of interest.


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