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These are just a tiny sample of our Client Success Stories

Don't you need someone physically present with you , how can that work?

I'll let the results speak. In just two years of coaching online, I've transformed over 400 people. These individuals had already tried various methods like offline personal trainers, keto diets, cardio, and boxing, but with limited success. They either regained the weight or achieved minimal results like losing just 5kg in a year. They turned to me as their last hope, and together, we made it work.

Traditional methods like personal training and bootcamps only take up an hour of your day. It's what you do during the other 23 hours that truly matters. If you rely solely on intense training, what happens when you can't dedicate that much time to exercise? Or get injured from training too hard or too much.

That's where Behavior Change and Food Taqwa (our nutrition system) come into play. These crucial components have enabled our clients to lose as much as 45kg in just 24 weeks, without the need for excessive exercise or strict dieting.

We have so many results, you'll be overwhelmed trying to go through it all.  So here's what I suggest.  Pick a person that resonates with you and your lifestyle and watch that case study.

Mubashar , Tax Inspector, London.. Embark on Mubasher's incredible weight loss transformation journey and see how he shed 13kg without sacrificing his cultural favorites! Are you a busy professional struggling to find a sustainable fat loss solution that aligns with your lifestyle and values? Look no further! Mubasher's story is not just about losing weight; it's about gaining a life of confidence and vitality. Our unique program combines the wisdom of the prophetic diet with modern coaching support, tailored to the busy Muslim man. We understand that you don't want just another diet plan—you desire a permanent, sustainable change that respects your Desi dietary habits. And that's exactly what we offer.  You can read about Bash's full journey here

Mohsin Ahmed, Pharmacist from London.. Are you a busy professional, a loving father, feeling trapped in a cycle of fatigue and weight gain? Imagine transforming your life, losing weight without giving up your favorite Desi dishes, and becoming the energetic, fit dad you've always wanted to be. Mohsin Ahmed's journey from a tired dad to a fit dad is not just inspiring; it's a roadmap for you!

In this heartening conversation, Kareem, a seasoned coach at FDLM, delves into Mohsin's transformative 6-month journey. 

Brandon Henley Smith, Powerlifter and Physio from Australia..  Dive into the incredible journey of Brandon Henley Smith, a dedicated physiotherapist turned infectious disease manager, who found the key to sustainable weight loss and transformation with our unique program.

 Discover how he seamlessly integrated strength training with the prophetic diet, proving that you can lose weight without giving up the foods you love. This isn't just another weight loss story; it's a testament to what's possible when you have the right coaching support tailored to busy professionals like you. Brandon's transformation is not just physical; it's a complete lifestyle overhaul that's sustainable and empowering.

Jamal Uddin el Kiki, A fit dad in the making inshallah.. In today's episode,  we delve into the inspiring journey of Brother Jamal Uddin Kiki, an Imam from Sydney, Australia. Join us as we explore Brother Jamal's experience with weight loss and his decision to join the FDLM weight loss program. From his initial struggles to his eventual breakthrough, we uncover the hardships and triumphs along the way. So grab your headphones and get ready to be motivated and inspired by Brother Jamal's incredible transformation. This is an episode you don't want to miss. Stay tuned!

Eating kebabs and still shedding pounds? Sounds too good to be true, right? Dive into the KaanFitness Way and discover how you can lose weight without giving up your favorite cultural foods. This isn't just another diet fad. It's about transforming your life with a sustainable approach that fits even the busiest professional's schedule. Hear first-hand from Wakkas an Imam and Estate agent from London, who dropped an astonishing 45 kg while balancing work, charity, and family life. No more excuses about being too busy or diets not working for you. Whether you're indulging in delicious kebabs or curries, it's possible with the right guidance and mindset.

Mo Miah, Dad of 3 and Entrepreneur exceeded his weight loss goals during the initial phase of the 12-week program. But it’s not just about the numbers on the scale. Mo experienced a complete mindset shift and personal growth, which even helped him launch his own business. You’ll receive personalized coaching, a structured plan, and a supportive community to keep you motivated. The FDLM Weight Loss coaching program is not just another quick fix—it’s about making sustainable lifestyle changes. Don’t let indecision hold you back. Make the decision to invest in yourself and join the program today. Start your journey towards a healthier, happier you. Your future self will thank you.

Aftab Ali, 47 year old a Digital Entrepreneur from Rochdale, the global leader in the events booking system, lost 7kg in 7 weeks, using the Fit Dad Life Mastery’s Minimalist Method.

Aftab was a very active individual and kept himself busy with work, study and an intense  training schedule most of his life, which included Thai boxing, Cardio & HIIT training…But he still struggled to stay lean and always had a noticeable layer of fat around his belly and upper body. 

Aftab Khaliq, father of two and an accountant turned doctor, struggled with weight loss despite consistent gym training. He joined Fit Dad Life Mastery and, through the Minimalist Method, lost 17.9kg, three times more than he expected. He didn't have to follow a restrictive diet but learned how to follow Food Taqwa principles, allowing him to eat whatever he wanted while still losing weight. Aftab credits his success to the support and expertise of the Fit Dad Life Mastery coaches who provided him with a proven path to follow based on his individual needs and circumstances. His story highlights the importance of having a coach who can provide support, accountability, and expertise to achieve your goals. Click here to read his full case study

Dr Faraz Siddiqui, a 34 year old medical doctor who dropped 19kg almost 20% of his bodyweight and managed to maintain it for over 12 months.  Doctors lives are hectic he didn't think he had time to focus on his own health.  But he realised that health is important and will just become more important as he gets older.  After a recommendation from Dr Salman, he came to discover that our program was perfect for someone who didn't have time for the gym.  He learnt that less can be more when you know what to focus on.  Small changes makes a big difference.  He learnt to balance the 5 dials, family, faith, fitness, finances and fun. Watch the video and see what he has to say.

Omar Iqbal, a dentist from Glasgow, struggled with his weight all his life.
 ‘𝘌𝘷𝘦𝘯 𝘢𝘴 𝘢 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥 𝘐 𝘸𝘢𝘴 𝘢𝘭𝘸𝘢𝘺𝘴 𝘢 𝘣𝘪𝘵 𝘰𝘧 𝘭𝘢𝘳𝘨𝘦𝘳 𝘴𝘪𝘻𝘦’ he says. Omar followed the typical trajectory of most desi dads, get married, get busy with a family. career and weight slowly creeps up. The waste size got bigger and the clothes started to get tighter. Having a high standard for himself, he was never happy with the shape of his body growing up. After his fourth child was born, he felt the urge to be a better role model for his kids. He knew he wasn’t getting any younger. He needed to be in better health and in better shape for his family. Click here to read his full case study

Abdur Rahman Asmari, a successful security company founder and scholar, was once overweight and unfit, until he discovered a program that transformed his life. He lost 10kg and gained boundless energy, making him feel young and revitalized again. The program doesn't rely on restrictive diets or grueling workouts, but instead focuses on adding healthy habits into your life. Abdur Rahman is now an advocate for the program and urges others to give it a try, emphasizing that it's not just about looking good, but also feeling good and being able to spend quality time with your family. 

Imran, a stressed-out accountant who was struggling with his weight due to bad eating habits and long work hours. He stumbled upon a unique weight loss program on LinkedIn and was skeptical at first, but decided to give it a chance after doing his due diligence. Within a short time, he lost all the weight he wanted without giving up his favorite foods or hitting the gym. He even managed to go on vacation during the program without falling off the wagon.

The program taught Imran how to implement control and discipline around food without limiting his choices. He's still eating his family's home-cooked meals and going out with friends as usual. His wife is also benefiting from the program.

Atif Ghaffar , Doctor from West Midlands  like many of the doctors we have helped, suffered from imposter syndrome. He was a doctor, but he was overweight himself, but he gave weight loss advice and guidance. The usual advice of ‘eat less, move more’, wasn’t working for his clients or himself.  He needed something that was practical, and easy that would fit around his lifestyle.  A strategy with a proven step by step blueprint.  When he stumbled across one of our facebook posts he thought, ‘this sounds promising,  let’s check it out.’  

Read about his full weight loss journey here.

Muaz Mahmood, Founder of Sunnah Treks   is not your average person that happened to be struggling with his weight, he was very active, doing cardio almost everyday, running, football, boxing and going for long treks in the mountains with his company Sunnah Treks, he ticked all the boxes when it came to doing physical activities.

BUT for some reason unknown to him, he still struggled to shift the last 10kg that was hiding his muscular physique, he knew if he could just lose the last layers of fat he would look amazing. Click here to read his full case study

Faisal Khan, Chartered Architect from London  Lost more weight in 6 weeks with than he had the previous 6 years with personal training. With an extremely busy life, weight loss can seem impossible. Especially on a desi diet.  He describes himself as a workaholic, entrepreneur who struggles to make time for exercise.

Having hired expensive personal trainers in up market elite boutique gyms with zero success, Faisal is one of many of my clients who have demonstrated online weight loss coaching is far more powerful than in person coaching with a much higher success rate due to the level of accountability and support built in.  Read about his full story here

Dr Salman, A GP from East London, UK, was just a little overweight, it didn’t worry him,  he was leading an active lifestyle. He thought jogging regularly and following a desi diet was enough to keep him healthy. He also felt safe knowing he could self diagnose and recognise any warning signs before it got serious...like most of us, he thought “that would never happen to me”

BUT it did happen and it was very serious.  Out of the blue without any warning signs, Dr Salman had a heart attack at the young age of only 34.   Click here to read his full case study to see how we helped him lose weight following his heart attack when he was unable to do any exercise.

Faruq, Property Entrepreneur   has achieved incredible results with our program. In just 11 weeks, this 37-year-old went from 109Kg to his current weight of 97KG. Despite facing setbacks in previous weight loss journeys, he found the motivation and energy to continue with our program after joining our community. He had not done resistance training for seven years before joining but our program helped him rediscover his love for the gym. Over the years, to lose weight he's tried running 5k daily and doing insanity which he hated.  Now, he is confident and has enough energy to play with his kids and pursue his passion for boxing and football. Our program not only transforms your body but also your mindset.  Click here to read his poweful last parting message sent in our community group

Wakas, Estate Agent and Imam  from London,  lost an incredible 45kg in just 24 weeks with the help of a premium coaching service. Having struggled with his weight for years, he tried everything before discovering this program. But it wasn't until he focused on the 20% that contributes to 80% of the results that he saw real success. Although the cost of the service initially took him a back, he soon realized that he was spending more on takeaways that were damaging his health. Through education and taking action, Wakas learned to work on his mindset and saw amazing results. His life has been transformed, and he's now more active, energetic, and happier than ever before.  Click here to read his full story

Rameez, Software Engineer from Glasgow,   beat his weight loss target by losing 7kg in just 9 weeks! What's even more amazing is that he found our program to be easy, contrary to the expectation of ultra-restrictive diets and intense workouts. In fact, he now eats more and exercises less than before the program, all while never feeling hungry. Rameez's journey of yo-yo dieting and unsustainable methods brought him to us, and he now feels confident in his ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of his life. His investment in our program not only benefits him but also his family, and he encourages others not to wait until it's too late to take action. This is the last program you'll ever need - a lifelong investment in your health.  Click to read his full story

Kashif, Chemical Engineer from South Carolina USA, joined the FDLM Minimalist Method program so he could lose weight and be healthy to improve his quality of life oand live longer. He wants to see his children grow up, get married, so he could see his grandchildren. Diabetes and heart diseases runs in his family and he understood that he needs to take the reigns of his health now and be proactive before it's too late.

Mohammed Rahman, an accountant from London, feels amazing after losing 16kg in 12 Weeks.  Watch the video to learn about his journey

Daaniyaal  an Engineer from Manchester.  When Daaniyaal and I first spoke he told me had a background in martial arts, and he can be disciplined when he puts his mind to things. He stayed true to his word.  Followed the program very closely not 100% but I estimate around 70 - 80%. And it's paid off.

The great thing is he's in his early twenties, which means he won't have to spend the next 20 years messing around with fads and gimmicks.

With the right knowledge and knowing exactly what to do, imagine what he will be like at forty.

Monir a business owner, and MMA Fighter from Sunderland,   a true success story who defied all odds to triumph over his challenges. Despite participating in contact sports throughout his life, Monir always hated weight training and would often skip warm-ups and strength training in favor of learning techniques and sparring. Unfortunately, this led to many injuries, including a bad knee, bad foot, bad fingers, and a bad back. At just 29 years old and suffering from chronic gout, Monir also struggled with excess fat around his legs and chest, which negatively impacted his confidence. However, through dedication and perseverance, Monir was able to overcome these challenges and achieve his fitness goals. Today, he serves as an inspiration to others looking to achieve success despite their own challenges. Click here to learn about his inspirational journey

Like most South Asian Desi dads when Ammar science teacher from Bradford, started gaining weight and started looking like the pot bellied uncle ji he never thought he would become,  he turned to running.  But far from looking toned he started to look ill. Instead of the compliments he is now recieving after having lost weight the proper way with Fit Dad Life Mastery, friends and family started to ask him if he was ill. Ammar shares his valuable experience of his weight loss journey. It is packed with essential tips for every desi Desi Dad looking to lose weight permanently. He gives so much away in this 33 minute interview that could save you years of frustration and dissapointment. Learn from his experience so you don't have to experience the mental anguish of failure.

Soban an IT Engineer from Rochdale.  Soban's success story showcases the incredible benefits of our program, including increased confidence, productivity, and a new job opportunity. By learning about nutrition, he was able to shed weight and fit into better clothes, which gave him a newfound sense of purpose and positivity. Our approach to weight loss isn't about deprivation or punishing exercise routines, but rather sustainable habits and enjoyable meals that promote a healthy lifestyle. Soban has even been able to incorporate Islamic teachings into his dietary habits, further aligning his health with his faith. Our program has helped countless clients overcome misconceptions about weight loss and set achievable goals for themselves.  Click to hear to read about his amazing experience

Fawaz Lone, Charity Worker from London.   Lost 18kg in 12 weeks.  Before joining our program, we’d been going back and forth with him for nearly a year. He was hyper sceptical and had concerns around his knee injury.

His age of only 26 was also a concern for us. Although we’ve had clients as young as 19, we don’t normally offer our program to someone that young, unless we’re convinced they’ll be committed. Well click here and have a read of what he had to say in the end, you'll be blown away.

Adel Mohammed, a commercial lawyer from Melbourne Australia, lost 2 stones through the FLDM Minimalist Method program. After trying various diets and programs without sustainable success, he was inspired by Adam's journey on the Kalam Cast podcast to join the program. Adel's cultural foods revolve around carbs, making it challenging to find a sustainable weight loss plan. However, through the program, he discovered the keys to weight loss and has a formula that he can apply for the rest of his life. Adel's confidence levels have increased, and people around him have been inspired by his weight loss journey. With so many people online promising results but unable to deliver, Adel was initially sceptical but has seen the results for himself. He highly recommends the program and urges those on the fence to jump in as there are many success stories to testify to its effectiveness. Check out his full story here.

Abdul Sukur, lost 25kg in 12 weeks  through the FLDM Minimalist Method program. His transformation is nothing short of amazing! After struggling with his health for ten years and being diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea, he decided to take ownership of his health. He tried every fad diet out there but always gained the weight back. He joined our FDLM Facebook group and was inspired by the success stories of people like him who had achieved remarkable results in just a few months.  In total he lost an incredible 40kg, lowered his blood pressure, improved his eyesight, put his diabetes into remission, and came off his sleep apnea machine. With unlimited support from his coach and our community, he found the process easy and sustainable.  Click here to read his full story.

Shekhul, Travel Agent from London. Shekhul was sceptical at first, but the program proved to be a lifetime investment that changed his whole life. He has improved sleep, energy levels, and is able to eat foods like donner kebabs and fried foods without feeling deprived or guilty. Through optimizing his nutrition and lifestyle behaviours, he feels amazing and can keep the weight off for life. He urges others not to make the mistake he did by waiting and trying different things - it could be the best investment you ever make. Fit Dad Life Mastery is a comprehensive and holistic program that has helped many clients achieve long-lasting weight loss results. Unlike quick fix gimmicks, it's designed to develop the behaviours, skills, and mindset needed to tackle an obesogenic environment. 

Zak Miah

On average my clients lose 1kg a week without exercise or dieting.  Those that do commit to training and better nutrition lose 1 - 2kg a week on average. The best part is they keep it off for life. Because we don't rely on temporary fixes.  

Imam Lost 12kg Even Though He Was Ill

Moulana Syed Asad is an Imam who has completed Dars e Nizami and a Masters in Islamic Education and Pastoral care at the Markfied Institute of Higher Education. He is a khateeb and Imam in a masjid. Listen to his experience on the Fit Dad Life Mastery program. Despite being ill with covid and not being able to take full advantage he still lost 12kg with very little effort.

Dropped 3.5 Stones 12 Weeks

Amjed could not see himself cutting out curry or doing hours of cardio.  The process has  been a spiritual experience for him, since he is now longer a slave to his desires and feels more connected to the prophet (peace be upon him) by resembling him in his eating.

Watch the full video as Amjed shares some golden nuggets on how to transform yourself as desi professional without torturing yourself.

The Client that dropped 25kg and Became A Coach

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My Personal Transformation

My personal transformation journey that inspired me to become passionate about helping others experience everything health and fitness has given me.  Since I've written about it on my about page.  I won't re-write it all here.

Our mission is to help 1,000 desi dads a year to lose weight and take control of their health, easier than they ever imagined possible


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