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Right now you're probably thinking how on earth can this whole online weight loss coaching thing work!  

Doesn't someone have to be with me.  Don't worry you're not alone.   Heck if you asked me even two years ago I would have said the same.  Just like many of the people you're going to learn about below, I too was super sceptical.  But it works.  I've been coaching online for two years and have helped to transform over 300 people.  Many of these people had already tried offline PT's, keto diets, cardio, boxing, you name it they'd tried it as you'll see in the videos below.  Some them saw some success but it wasn't sustainable so they gained all the weight back again and then some. Others thought they did well by losing 5kg in a year. I was the their last hope and we made it work.  I wrote a blog post explaining why it's so much more powerful.

On average my clients lose 1kg a week without exercise or dieting.  Those that do commit to training and better nutrition lose 1 - 2kg a week on average. The best part is they keep it off for life. Because we don't rely on temporary fixes.  

An Extremely Busy Entrepreneurs Weight Loss Transformation

“Faisal lost more weight in 6 weeks with online weight loss coaching than he had the previous 6 years with personal training.”  Find out how.

In this video you get to learn about Faisal’s journey.  Faisal is a highly successful entrepreneur and a chartered architect. He has an extremely busy life where weight loss can seem impossible. Especially on a desi diet.  He describes himself as a workaholic, Entrepreneur who struggles to make time for exercise who wantedHaving hired expensive personal trainers in up market elite boutique gyms with zero success, Faisal is one of many of my clients who have demonstrated online weight loss coaching is far more powerful than in person coaching with a much higher success rate due to the level of accountability and support built in.  It’s not the 1 hour you spend in the gym with a personal trainer that makes all the difference, rather the other 167.  Fit Dad Life Mastery Minimalist Method takes care of the 167 hours

He shares tips on how to lose weight as a busy entrepreneur despite struggling for time

Busy CEO lost 7 kg in 7 weeks with no gym membership using the Minimalist Method

Aftab Ali, 47 year old Businessman form Rochdale, lost 10kg in 10 weeks, using the Fit Dad Life Mastery’s Minimalist Method. Aftab was a very active individual and kept himself busy with work, study and an intense training schedule most of his life, which included Thai boxing, Cardio & HIIT training…But he still struggled to stay lean and always had a noticeable layer of fat around his midsection and upper body. He could not understand why the fat was still there, even though he was training harder than most people and trying to eat healthy at the same time...he was spinning his wheels and almost gave up trying but he told himself that he would give it one final try, to see if there was another way that he could possibly try and get a grip on his health before it was too late as he was almost 50! On his search he came across FDLM, he was intrigued but skeptical about what he was being told “Lose up to 4 stones in a few months, without giving up rice & curry or spending hours in the gym? He thought to himself, this can’t be possible, sounds too good to be true.. I have been training and working out all my life and failing, and now FDLM are telling me that I can achieve all this “without a gym membership” using their Minimalist Method!! Although he was very skeptical, he was also very interested to see what was on offer and if it could possibly be true… He went ahead and filled out the application form & booked his enrollment call. Once the enrollment call took place, he was a little more confident and excited after the program was explained to him, but he still had his reservations. Only a few weeks into the program, he realised that all of his reservations & skepticisms have disappeared, the moment the penny dropped was when he just realised that he had just attended 2 weddings (1 was his daughters) and his fathers funeral BUT still managed to lose weight, this was mind blowing moment for him, because we all know these events are definitely not weight loss friendly and the foods on offer are delicious and inviting BUT Aftab used the principles he learned on the program and enjoyed each event to the max, ate what he wanted and still lost weight. This was something he thought was not possible! Right now, Aftab is on course to smash through the 15kg weight loss barrier to look and feel his best ever whilst still enjoying life to the full and no disruptions in his lifestyle or food choices. Training Thai boxing, cardio and HIIT training all his life but still gaining fat 12 major social food events and still lost weight

The TRUTH about running

How running made Ammar,  Science teacher from Bradford, look ill instead of toned and how he managed he eventually managed to lose weight and look better without a gym during lockdown whilst eating rice and curry.

Skinny Fat Solution

Discover how Daniyaal, an Engineer and martial artist went from skinny fat to toned in 12 weeks with just body weight and bands at home workouts

Imam Lost 12kg Even Though He Was Ill

Moulana Syed Asad is an Imam who has completed Dars e Nizami and a Masters in Islamic Education and Pastoral care at the Markfied Institute of Higher Education. He is a khateeb and Imam in a masjid. Listen to his experience on the Fit Dad Life Mastery program. Despite being ill with covid and not being able to take full advantage he still lost 12kg with very little effort.

Dropped 3.5 Stones 12 Weeks

Amjed could not see himself cutting out curry or doing hours of cardio.  The process has  been a spiritual experience for him, since he is now longer a slave to his desires and feels more connected to the prophet (peace be upon him) by resembling him in his eating.

Watch the full video as Amjed shares some golden nuggets on how to transform yourself as desi professional without torturing yourself.

The Client that dropped 25kg and Became A Coach

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My Personal Transformation

My personal transformation journey that inspired me to become passionate about helping others experience everything health and fitness has given me.  Since I've written about it on my about page.  I won't re-write it all here.

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