40kg down, reduced blood pressure, improved eyesight, came off medication, put diabetes into remission and came off sleep apnea machine 

 April 15, 2023

By  Adam Kaan

This is Abdul Sukur’s amazing transformation which is so much more than weight loss.. He got his life backAfter his son was born with a rare heart condition, Abdul Sukur felt enough was enough he couldn’t continue the way he had been for the past ten years.  It was time to re-write the stories he had been telling him self and take ownership and responsibility for his health.He wanted to be an inspiration and a role model for his son. He wanted to live longer and be around for him instead of being  a health warning.

Despite his health completely deteriorating to the point where he was diabetic, had high blood pressure and needed a sleep apnea machine to help him sleep at night,  it wasn’t enough for him to commit to improving his health, the birth of his son was the trigger he needed.

He’d had tried every fad diet you can think of including, keto, fasting, low fat, Cambridge diet, you name it he’d tried it.  Everytime it was the same pattern, he’d lose a bit of weight then pile it right back on and then some. This was very painful, expensive and demotivating. Each time he felt hopeless!

He was still young and had a young family that relied on him, the very thought of leaving them behind due to premature death actually made him uneasy and scared.

But his determination to find a solution was what drove him to keep searching. His search led him to our FDLM Facebook group...in the group he would go on to read story after story, of how people just like him, were getting results in a short few months, results he thought were not possible before seeing it in the group.He says Allah guided him to FDLM.

The challenge he faced with his son was a blessing in disguise.

He joined us February 2021 by July 2021 he had lost 40kg and he’s kept it off since.

‘Everything was so easy, I didn’t have to worry, every week my weight was coming off.  People were asking if I had some sort of weight loss surgery’

One of the biggest benefits for him a was the unlimited support  he got from his coach and the community of like-minded individuals in a similar position to him.

The final result for Abdul Sukur was far greater than weight loss:

  • 40kg downR
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Came off medication
  • Improved eyesight
  • Put his diabetes into remission
  • Came off sleep apnea machine

Here's a diabetic client who's blood sugar has almost come into the normal range after just a few weeks.  This listen to his happiness and excitment when he got the news.

We've helped many more clients..

We've been doing it a long time.

Ibrar diabetic

Here is a small click where another client Zakir and optometrist from Cardif speaks about his motivation for pro actively taking care of his health after seeing people lose their eyesight from poor health choices. Diabetes and a poor management of blood sugar can lead to eyesight loss.

If you want a sustainable approach and a permanent solution, that doesn’t require you to cut out rice and curry, or spend hours exercising, just like Abdul Sukur watch our case study and breakdown of the Minimalist Method program and if you feel confident we can help you.  Complete an application form and book a call.


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