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By Adam Kaan | Training

Am I a Liar!? The Truth About Fat Loss WorkoutsSTOP Cutting and Bulking Like A Moron!The Truth About Carbs!My Online Weightloss Coaching FAQ’sFat Loss Tip of the day: The Truth about intermittent fastingThe Truth About Protein Shakes!My Online Weightloss Coaching FAQ’sTeaching a fish to climb a treeMy Weight Loss Program FAQ’s Part 1

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Your Definitive Ramadan Weight Loss Guide.

By Adam Kaan | Diet

The Definitive Guide to Losing Weight In Ramadan – Fast by Kaanfitness Quick Navigation Benefits to RamadanGoalsDon’t Beat Yourself Up If You Can’t Make it to the gymDiet How To Eat In RamadanFaster Fat Loss Hack 1Faster Fat Loss Hack 2Sample Pre Workout Meal/ShakeConsider Intra workout Nutrition Final Word On EatingExercise When to Train?Training fasted an […]

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My Training Philosophy

By adamkaan | Training

My training philosophy revolves around the belief that there are many paths to the same destination.  You simply need to choose one that suites you. Training and dieting should revolve around my life, my life should not revolve around training or dieting.  One of the greatest reasons I train is to enhance my quality of […]

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