Mubashar Khanzada’s Transformational Weight Loss Journey 

 February 22, 2024

By  Adam Kaan

Training since the age of 21 Mushabar put his is health on the backburner as work and family life took priority.  It eventually led him to gaining significant weight putting him in the obese category.

So he started the diet cycle, on one diet he ended up gaining weight instead of losing it.  Which was a demoralising experience, especially since he felt like already knew what to do

Mubashar was open to coaching to accelerate his results but he was unsure of who to trust.  He used his skills as a tax inspector to do his due diligence on us and decided to take a leap of faith which has paid off for him tremendously.

Before the program his belly started to show and he started to lack confidence after years of living a carefree lifestyle.  He realised if he carried on like this it would have led to health issues.He says it’s difficult to explain the program without being on it.He knows people who have undergone different weight loss surgeries and others who have undergone liposuction. Some of them regained the weight they lost because they didn't address their unhealthy relationship with food.Learning about mindset and seeing the results has been life changing for him.During the 12 week program he had takeaways frequently and still lost 13kg.  He is currently on our second program.  Swole Dads: The Ultimate Muscle Building Program for Busy High Achieving Muslim Men

The techniques we teach on the program enabled him to stop smokingHis stamina has improved and his body image has improved.He says ‘Imagine you’re carrying a backpack with two stones of weight and you’re carrying that around all day, what kind of impact would that be having on your organs’

Looking slim again in clothes has been a massive confidence boost for him. ‘Together with all the other health benefits you can’t put a price on it.’Quite often the busy Muslims that are our ideal clients think that they might not have time to go to the gym.  Mubashar was able to get these results without even going to the gym once or even having a gym membership.We helped him set up processes and systems to remove decision fatigue and automate some of his weight loss.

‘Life will get so much better by losing fat, do yourself a favour and join the program, you won’t regret it.  When you’re around like minded brothers things are so much easier than trying to do them yourself’

Want to know how we did it?  Sign up to our waiting list for our High Achieving Muslim Man's  '5 Day Weight Loss Without Workouts' Challenge


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