Ending Muslim Mediocrity – How Soban escaped the rut 

 October 26, 2023

By  Adam Kaan

We can all fall into a rut sometimes, especially as we get older and we are surrounded by people who seem to have given up.  Soban was no different. The most worrying part of it all was he didn’t even realise how low he’d sunk

Following the program, the increase in confidence, productivity and feeling better about himself helped him even get a new job, similar to another client Rameez

‘I can’t believe how much nutrition has helped my drive come back’

He’s fitting into better clothes now  

Playing Small

Soban started playing small scaling back on his efforts feeling like he was incapable of doing the things he did when he was younger.  The program has given him a new lease of life and a boost in confidence he never thought he needed.

The program made him realize our excessive indulgence in gluttony, this led him to reflect on his relationship to the teachings of Islam.

Using the guides we provide, he learnt to eat the right type and amount of food that does not leave him bloated or hungry.  He now knows exactly how to eat a nutritionally balanced meal.

He was able to enjoy family dinners without feeling deprived or feel like the odd one out because our eating system does not have any banned foods.

‘There’s none of this I’m watching what I’m eating,  so I can’t have this and I can’t have that’.  

He’s tried those approaches before and found himself bingeing on foods afterwards because he was feeling deprived.  Now he gets to eat what he wants without guilt, knowing he’s still making progress towards his goal.

He’s learnt to overcome many misconceptions about certain foods being bad.

"It's not this open-ended I'm going to eat salad until I've lost 30kg then I'm going back on ice-cream"

Subconsciously Mediocre

"You have to go through it, to understand, the weight loss is secondary, it's everything else it’s brought, when you’re overweight it can affect you in many ways on a subconscious level”  he says. .

Three weeks into the program he recommended the program to a friend who expressed interest in losing weight.   His friend has already experienced some amazing results, his acid reflux and very bad migraines which he has been struggling with for the past 15 years have gone away.

Many of his friends have asked why he got on a program when he never had a lot to lose.  This is a major problem that can be fatal for some Muslim men. Since our perception of what a healthy weight looks like is skewed nationally but more so in our community.  

At the same time South Asian, Arab and Middle Eastern Men have a much lower fat threshold and start to become diabetic from just having a podgy belly. If ignored health complications can get very serious very quickly.  See skinny fat is more dangerous than being obese.

It’s also about the standard you have for yourself. Even Soban didn’t think he had to lose weight, or that he would need to lose more than 10kg to see abs. His goal was 6kg.  

Even having lost 10kg he still has some fat on his belly and this is where most guys go wrong they give the number on the scale too much importance, compare themselves to morbidly obese people and think they need to start gaining weight again thus never end up losing the belly.  

Should you cut or bulk?

If you're at or close to a healthy bodyweight you might be confused where you should be losing or gaining weight.   The answer is your weight should be trending down even you're building muscle by resistance training at the same time.

You can’t dramatically increase weight whilst losing fat in a reasonable amount of time.  You can add about 2kg of muscle a month at most, whilst you can lose over 1kg of fat a week even in the best case scenario. Therefore your weight would still be trending down even if you were skinny fat to begin with.   

Soban now knows that losing fat is more important, regardless of what the scale number is showing. He also understands the process of losing stubborn belly fat and the correct steps to follow. In the past he would sabotage his progress by thinking his weight has gone down too much.

“Lose weight for yourself, not for a holiday. Do it for you.” - Soban

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With a strong affinity to Islam, he feels more at peace within himself knowing that he has inculcated the teachings of Islam in his dietary habits and he is taking care of the trust Allah has given him, in his health and body. 

He highlights how most programs set you up to fail, they set unrealistic expectations by having shredded cover models as their mascot and giving you punishing workouts. 

People who are morbidly obese didn't get to that point by exercising regularly, so telling them that hard training is the only solution  for weight loss is essentially setting them up for inevitable failure. 

He thoroughly enjoyed the meal recommendations and found the habit formation techniques to be incredibly valuable.     

Had he been doing another program where he felt deprived or it was too difficult he would have given up and just ate cereal for breakfast.

He now feels embarrassed for saying:

“Dude I know all about calories and macros and calorie deficits, so how are you going to help me?”

"There was no judgement, criticism or patronisation’"

Now knowing and experiencing exactly how weight loss works it can be frustrating to hear people talking about trending fad diets.

“Everything was way beyond my expectations”

Soban Bashir - IT Consultant

“Everything that has been delivered has been way beyond my expectations”

Like another of our clients Soban said:

“Everything that has been delivered has been way beyond my expectations”

With what he’s learnt he can stay as he is but as with many of our clients after shattering that glass ceiling and seeing what’s possible with the right guidance and coaching, they set the bar higher for themselves.  

If we’re not moving forward, we’ve either stagnated or we’re regressing.

Losing weight using our Minimalist Method is a life changing experience that can become the catalyst to ending Muslim Mediocrity and achieving greatness in other areas of your life. 

Just like my clients I experienced the same thing and I attribute much of my success in other areas of life to the discipline and worth ethic focusing on health and fitness taught me.

You can learn more about our program and join the hundreds of Muslim Men who have refused to settle for mediocrity.  Learn more 



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