Eat More, Train Less 

 August 7, 2023

By  Adam Kaan

Client Success, Rameez,  Software Engineer from Glasgow Beat his target of 6kg by losing 7kg in 9 weeks.

The most amazing thing about the program for Rameez is was how easy it was. Like many of our clients Rameez expected to be put on an ultra restrictive diet and an impossibly difficult workout program that made him beg for mercy, because that’s the only way you get fast results right?!

He eats more food and does less exercise than he did before the program.  A recurring theme we hear often from our clients and he never feels hungry or deprived.

‘It’s just about prioritising and focusing on the right things in the right order and fat loss isn’t that difficult, it can be really easy’  he says. 

Peratos principles or the 80/20 rule focus on the 20% that gets 80% of the results.

He went through all of high school being super overweight but decided to lose a lot of weight before university, through unsustainable methods such as running every day and dieting hard.  This resulted in him becoming skinny fat. He was on the hamster wheel of losing a lot of weight and gaining it all back again.

Like many, he thought ‘I know what to do’ but eventually it stopped working which is bound to happen from yo yo dieting. Yo yo dieting can cause metabolic adaptation, making it harder to lose weight.

That’s when he thought it’s time to take his health seriously and get some professional help, especially having had first hand experience of young people he knew in the community having heart attacks and being diagnosed with diabetes.

A further cause for concern was the fact that diabetes runs in his family. Prevention being better than cure. He now feels he can look after himself for the rest of his life and he can help his family.  The investment has not just been for him.

‘If a doctor was to say to you because of the lifestyle that you’ve had, you’re not going to be able to see your children get married, you’re not going to live to see your grandchildren, at that time you’d be ready invest whatever that amount was, so you can’t put a price on your health’

Rameez's parting advice is: "Don’t wait for something to happen to take action, there are brothers in the group who have had heart attacks in their 30’s and lots of brother have diabetes.  Do it before these things happen.  Yes it’s a commitment right now, but this will benefit you for the rest of your life.  This is the last program you’ll ever need, you’ll never need a trainer ever again after this.”

"This a life long investment you’re making"

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