Abdur Rahman Asmari Security Company Owner 10kg Down 

 December 9, 2022

By  Adam Kaan

Whilst playing sport and gasping for breath it dawned on Abdur Rahman, a security company founder, how unfit he had become compared to his younger days at school where he participated in many different sportsHe discovered came across me on Linked In and proceeded to do his due diligence and decided being as busy as he is our program sounded like the perfect fit.

As with almost everybody that joins us, he was very suspicious when he first came across us.  ‘Lose weight without any effort.’. How can that be when everyone else is talking about HIIT training and puking your guts out to lose weight?!

During the program was expecting to be told don’t eat this, don’t eat that but he was surprised to find we don’t take that restrictive approach.  We focus on addition rather than subtraction.  We put the emphasis on what you can eat rather than what you can’t.  That way you don’t feel suffocated.

Abdur Rahman wanted to be able to experience the buzz of engaging in sports again whilst being a role model for his students.  Demonstrate that scholars can be fit and active.He was becoming hopeless of being able to do so before joining the program. Now he’s seeking out opportunities to participate in sports

Was over 100kg now 91kg 

He joined the gym after the program

With his newfound energy he was able to do two hours of basketball and two hours of badminton, five or six days of continuous sports which was previously unthinkable. 

‘I feel completely different, you know when you wake up fresh from sleep, the program has given me that boost in energy that I really needed’

Previously he felt lethargic and tired and didn’t want to do much with his family, now he has the energy to do so a lot.  He compares it to waking up fresh from slumber.   

He says:

“Give FDLM a try it’s not just about you, if you have energy you can give your family their due rights by taking them out and doing things with them, it will benefit all areas of your life physical and spiritual.  Come out of your comfort zone.”

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