How father of two and an accountant turned doctor,  Aftab Khaliq lost 17.9kg three times more than he expected with the Minimalist Method 

 March 22, 2023

By  Adam Kaan

How father of two and an accountant turned doctor,  Aftab Khaliq lost. 17.9kg (three times more weight) than he expected with the Minimalist Method

One year of training hard and consistently at the gym did not result in the weight loss Aftab had hoped for.   So he finally had enough and decided to join Fit Dad Life Mastery.

Aftab was no stranger to training, when he was younger he could bench three plates and squat so heavy there wouldn't be enough plates left.

As is typical of us Asian men, life gets in the way, we become inactive, we get into a different social circle where frequent eating is the norm and we pile on the weight.

Before he knew it 20 years had passed by for Aftab.  His friend had recommended us to him two years ago but Aftab decided he will try it on his own one last time, to clear his doubts.

But when the results didn’t come he decided to take a calculated risk. He wasn’t getting any younger and with age it just gets more difficult. Physically and mentally. He thought ‘even if I lose 6kg it will be worth it’

But alhamdullilah, I’m so pleased to say, and so proud of Aftab we smashed that goal. He got 3X ROI on his expectations.   He started at 105kg and he’s currently at 87.5kg.

Aftab had been in our free facebook group, with 50 plus hours of content for over two years.  But as they say, until theres skin in the game, especially for entrepreneurs, high achievers and business people, they won’t pay attention.   Free doesn’t work for them.

In the past when he’s managed to successfully lose weight it’s been through following an unsustainable chicken and broccoli diet.  Now he eat’s whatever he wants whilst following Food Taqwa principles we’ve taught him.  This has eliminated the need for a cheat day. For non-competitive regular men, the concept of a cheat day is problematic from a mindset point of view.  Competitive bodybuilders who need to go on strict regimented diets need cheat days.  The rest of us don’t.

Being a massive believe in exercise Aftab could not believe we could help him lose weight without the gym

He managed to go on a 4 week holiday in Dubai during the 12 week program, where he managed to enjoy his foods and still lose weight.

All aspects of his life have improved and he says:

‘If I knew what I know now about the program I would have signed up 3 or 4 years ago’

‘I did the carnivore diet, the bodybuilder bro food diets, HIIT and various other things, they didn’t work so did istikhara and  just took a punt at this’

‘Just do it, it will be the best decision you make’

Key points to note:

With two degrees, one in accounting and another in medicine. Dr Aftab is a highly intelligent man.  It’s not like he never had the knowledge.  Highlighting it’s not about just having knowledge, it’s more about having the support and accountability and expertise of a highly experienced coach to provide you clarity and a proven path to follow based on your individual needs and circumstances.

Calculated risks are important for growth

I've helped over a dozen doctors and dentist.  You can watch some of their case studies on my client success page

If you would like to be our next transformation, I encourage you to watch this Masterclass of our entire process, Then if you feel we can help, complete an application form and and book online transformation meeting with a member of my team.


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