The Little Known Benefits of Weight Loss 

 October 24, 2023

By  Adam Kaan

Quite often we don't see the hidden benefits of weight loss and focusing on our health.  Or the cost of not focusing on it.  On this page I've attempted to collate some of what our clients have said.  The epiphanies they've had.   Hopefully this will help you to discover your purpose and find a strong why to embark on this journey and never look back.

I discovered many of these benefits over a decade ago and that's what made me so passionate about what I do. 

I wanted to share it with the world

"None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself." - Bukhari & Muslim

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Our Marriage would have been better

ImTiAZ - Business Owner

What's the financial and mental cost of a divorce?

Relationship with wife improved

AMJID - Business Owner

Getting compliments off wife

Musab - Teacher

You family life is better overall

Atmosphere at home is relaxed. Kids enjoying eating healthier

iqbal - CFO

Family life

Wives lose weight, the whole family gets healthier. You set and good example health and discipline

Wife lost 7.5kg without even trying

Majid - Pharmacist

Wife lost 10kg 

Mohsin - Pharmacist

Saving money

Saved £2160

Rezwan - Pensions specialist

Saving money and looking forward nutritious home cooked food

umer - Risk Manager

Migraine Gone Off Medication

Amer - IT Consultant

Acid Reflux Gone

NaBEEL - Software tech

Bloating Gone

Walid - Software Engineer


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