Best exercise for fat loss for desi men 

 October 5, 2022

By  Adam Kaan

At one time you would have heard nearly all trainers say HIIT training is best for fat loss and the time saving benefits.  Well it turns out HIIT isn’t that effective for fat loss, which I’ll get into in a minute.

'Now you’ll hear something like the best exercise is the one you can stick to.'

Although the second statement is correct, from a purely physiological perspective there are some forms of training that are better than others for fat loss and the numerous benefits it offers.

Here’s why:

  1. Burns most calories
  2. Builds muscle tissue
  3. Increases metabolism - both short term and long term
  4. Nutrition partitioning - glycogen store, insulin sensitivity. In other words eat more carbs without getting fat.
  5. Poor adaptation, your body adapts to things like running and it becomes very efficient at it which means you burn fewer and fewer calories.  
  6. Give you shape aka toned.
  7. Increased testosterone levels

Take the guess work out and get done for you workouts that encompass all of these principles here https://kaanfitness.gumroad.com/l/21DayFatLossPlan

Here's a case study of client of mine who lost a lot of weight through running but started to look ill instead of toned. 

Exercise Alone Doesn't Work

Having spoken about exercise, I don't want to mislead you.  It's important to understand that exercise only makes up about 5% of your weight loss. You can never out run, out exercise poor lifestyle habits and poor nutrition.   There's other problems with exercise too.  Which is why you will see even although most modern commercial gyms are extremely busy these days, results are rare.   There was a 119 people in my gym the other day, many who I've seen going there for over a year, guess how many were in shape?   About seven.  That should tell you something.

busy gym

In fact you don't even need exercise to lose weight.  Most of our clients are too busy to exercise so we focus on one thing at a time and make it manageable for them to lose weight even with their busy lifestyle. We did this with Dr Kamran below.


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