October 5

Hanging Out With Family – How To Spend Time With Your Family And Still Achieve Your Fat loss Goals?



Decisions, decisions,  when you have to make these sorts of decisions it can be quite stressful.   If your kids are old enough, and no they don’t have to be a teenager, healthy habits start early, why not keep healthy as a family, make it a ‘Family Thang’  as a patriotic American from the Deep South might say.


Knee Raise

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Keeping fit doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym, you can play a whole host of sports, football, tennis, basketball, swimming, to name a few.  Contact your local youth club for further ideas, some of them have family days. You might find it to be a far better bonding experience than going to the movies or eating out, especially with younger kids who love to run around.  The added benefit of that is they’ve exhausted all their energy by the time they got home and tend be far more calmer.  It’s definitely a win win situation.  Give it a try..!

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