I thought there was something wrong with me – Adel’s Story 

 April 15, 2023

By  Adam Kaan

Adel Mohammed, a commercial lawyer from Melbourne Australia, joined the FLDM Minimalist Method program after hearing about Adam’s journey on the Kalam Cast podcast.

Adel had done read a lot of things on line and had tried out a lot of programs and diets, including the usual culprits low card and keto.  He saw some success as most do but it wasn’t sustainable.  Especially as a desi who's cultural foods revolve around carbs.

After failing on a number of low carb diets and everyone saying you have to give up carbs to lose weight.  He lost hope and began think there was something wrong with him.  

Side note: That's why I'm vocal against diets like keto, I come across a lot of people like Adel.   Keto might work for an extreme minority of people but not for the majority.  And it has zero advantage over any other form of calorie restriction.  It's just a lot harder.

One of the biggest drivers for him was the fact that he was seeing younger and younger people needing to pray on chairs due to their weight and he didn’t want to become that person.

Even though confidence wasn’t an issue for him prior to joining the program he’s really enjoying the  massive boost in his confidence levels, which he didn’t expect.

Often people don’t know what they’re missing out on and the life they could be living until they lose their weight.

He’s feeling a lot better and happy that people around him are starting to notice his weight loss and it’s inspiring them to take care of their health and enjoy the same benefits as him.

Finally,  discovering the keys to weight loss and having a formula that he can apply for the rest of his life has been life changing

With so many people online promising results but unable to deliver, like most people. Adel was also sceptical but he’s seen the results for himself and he sees the wins that are shared in the private clients only Telegram group almost on a daily basis.

It makes him cringe when people ask him what diet he’s on, he’s responds ‘I’m not on a diet, I just know how to eat’

His final words “If you’re on the fence about joining FDLM,  just jump the fence, you won’t look back there’s enough people who can testify to that”

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