October 24

1 Tip To Make Your Fitness Journey A Less Lonely Experience


Find Out How You Can Get A Great Workout, Make New Friends and Strengthen Community Spirit on Your Fitness Journey

If you want long term success in your fitness journey you really have to get the whole family on board I’cant emphasise this point enough.  You see health and fitness is a lifestyle and if you’re going it alone it can get real tough.  Especially when the rest of your family is eating fish and chips whilst you’re eating dry, bland, grilled chicken and steamed broccoli, not a pleasant experience I can assure you.   Even the thought makes me sad… lol!!


If you’re in the UK, you can join the park run, I love the set up of park run and I’m amazed at how well organised the whole thing is,  especially considering it’s all voluntary.  I salute the men and women who got this event started.  You really have to appreciate all the hard work the volunteers put in every week to keep it going and continuously improve it.


Here are some more tips if you decide to take up my recommendation, when you first go there don’t forget to take some water  and your bar code (you get one when you register on the site) if you want to know your time.  A Running Belt is also useful for keeping your keys and mobile phone.


These things are pretty cool too, you could also get an armband for your phone and listen to your own music,  although it can be good for motivation, it’s not something park runners like because it’s quite anti-social,  and you  want to smile and meet and greet people.


Remember firstly you are competing against yourself, each week try and shave a few seconds off your previous time.  The first day you finish look at who finished with you and you can compete against them if you wish, a little bit of competition is good for motivation.  You can also compete against your partner or your children.


Finally make sure you finish it doesn’t matter even if you finish walking, some weeks I’m nearly #TeamWalk all the way..lol!! Most importantly, remember…..




Remember to comment and share your experiences.  Let me know how you get on.



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