How much weight do you really need to lose? 

 December 6, 2022

By  Adam Kaan

Obesity is at an all time record high.  Most people are carrying more than a few stones around. 

Obesity is significantly higher in the Indo Pak and Muslim populations than the wider community.   

This coupled with a misunderstanding of BMI has resulted in a skewed perception of what a healthy weight should really look like.  So it was no surprise when Majid,  a pharmacist from Manchester, who is 6ft 3 weighing in at 107kg thought he only had around 7kg to lose.

I often hear, ‘bro, I just have a bit of belly fat to lose’ even from guys waddling around over 100kg and barely able to to breath due to the excess weight they’re carrying.

Majid was the same.  Being a exceptionally tall guy Majid hid his weight well.

At his height  he just thought he had a heavy build and assumed he only had at most 7kg to lose before he would be at a healthy weight with a flat stomach. But he discovered after losing 25kg he still had belly fat and realised he needed to lose another 5kg to get below 15% and reveal his abs.

Prior to our program he had lost 5kg in a year doing BJJ and HIIT and thought he was doing great.  Then lockdown came along, gyms closed and the weight piled on.  

He got to his heaviest ever at 107kg around October 2020. He panicked

He needed something that was sustainable that didn’t depend on gyms being open.

That was when he thought, ‘Well none of the conventional wisdom is working I might as well give what I learnt on FDLM a try’ and so he did, and like magic he started to drop 1kg every week like clockwork, without any exercise. So you don't need more time in the day  to lose weight.  'I don't have time' assuming they need another 3 hours week for exercise, is another incorrect belief that keeps people stuck

Every week the weight just kept dropping. 

You see the magic of FDLM is its simplicity.   Weight loss is actually really easy when you focus on the 20% that really matters ignoring that 80% that doesn’t matter.

The 80% is what everyone else is focused on 

However, it’s hard to get people to buy into this when all their lives they’ve been told otherwise.  

Even less informed trainers raving on about why HIIT is so important for fat loss blah blah blah.  

Majid was a victim of that conditioning too.

He couldn’t believe it. Nothing crazy, nothing arduous, no punishing workouts  or restrictive dieting, he was still enjoying all his foods and applying Food Taqwa and Ta’aamun Tayyib Approach and the fat just melted off.That was nearly two years ago, and he’s kept it off since.

Weight loss is an exact science, if you learn the science, and know how to manage your expectations, your emotions and self coach, as well as take a data driven, process focused approach, you'll be surprised how easily and predictably the weight comes off.

Understanding 'Fat Theshold' is the key to realising why this is such a huge problem. Even small amounts of fat in South Asian and Middle Eastern men puts them at a high risk of diabetes, heart disease, strokes and even certain types of cancer.

Realistic Bodyweight Targets to see Clearly Defined Abs as Natural Athlete with Average Genetic

This is data taken from thousands of people who have got stage ready as natural bodybuilders.  When I present it people are shocked because they assume they should be heavier.  A common objection is that they are big boned, so I've answered that objection below

Weight target chart

Another Client Case Study

Bash thought he needed to be 80kg to look lean and have abs

You can watch his case study below, the video was recorded about three months before the thumbnail picture at which point he'd lost a modest 13kg.  His current weight loss stands at 24kg with the addition of a couple of kgs of muscle.

Omar Iqal, a dentist from Glasgow who is over 6 foot was just over a 100kg and thought he just needed to get to 90kg to get a flat stomach and get lean.  He didn't believe me when I told him he needed to get below 80kg to see abs.  On our 12 Week program we got him down to 84kg without any exercise and he still had more fat to lose to see abs.   Watch his case study here.

But I'm just big boned

 It is true that you can have longer bones, but differences in bone weight are very little.  And that's because it would be detrimental to our survival if our bones were excessively heavy. See the social media post below where I have gone into more detail to help you overcome this commonly held misconception.   It's important we overcome all of our mental hurdles and lay the foundation for a successful weight loss journey.

Here's a very good video by a Sheffield University professor 

For a free 1.5  hour masterclass on how our system works click here


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